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Cautions and contra-indications

We do not recommend this product for those with Lyme disease, chronic illness, autoimmune ailments, or any other condition that may be caused by an underlying infection.  Our magical formulation does wonders for your skin by targeted nourishment of the underlying immune cells in the skin.  By targeting the immune cells with specific proteins, amino acids and fatty acids, it may encourage the immune system to deal with dead, dying or diseased cells (senescent cells) and may clear toxins and pathogens from the skins microbiome.  This is a natural process and the correct outcome of a functioning immune system. Rejuvenation of responsive immune cells  are one of nature's ways of keeping us looking healthy and our complexion glowing. In a few people who suffer from underlying infections, our luxurious skin creams have caused a mild Herxheimer reaction, also known as 'the herx'.  This is where the immune destroys and removes toxins as it should, but the detoxification processes in the body cannot keep up with it.  In Lyme disease in particular, the bacteria involved have particularly toxic outer surface proteins (ospA), which are shed as they die.  This can cause headaches, if not carefully managed.  Therefore these products should not be used by those with Lyme disease or any other infection. For those who want to build up a tolerance to our skin creams and enjoy the fabulous beautifying effects, we suggest that you apply initially on the accupressure point ST36 to test your tolerance, and speak to a naturopath or MD about managing and improving your detoxification pathways.  If you wanted more information about this, or to join our customer group who will be happy to share their opinions and experiences, please send a message via the contact form.  These products are not designed or intended to be used to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any ailment.  None of the above statements are verified by the FDA or any other agency and no clinical trials have been undertaken.  If you require medical assistance or advise, please consult a qualified doctor.

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