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Welcome To The Imunacream Line of Skincare Product.

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

The beautiful natural ingredients in Immunacream will hydrate your skin leaving it as soft and supple as possible. Understanding the effects of everyday life on your skin, it is with enormous gratitude & pleasure we present to you a line of much loved & sought after creams.

All Natural.

We are aware that everything we put on our skin is absorbed directly into our bloodstream, deep into our cells. Therefore, we strive to use only the very best ingredients. Toxic chemicals in some creams may weaken your immune system but the natural nutrients in Immunacream products will do no harm and may have an enriching effect.

Our products are 100% vegan and not in any way tested on animals.

The Universal Healing Power of Nature.

Glycoproteins, also called glycopeptides, are essential proteins found naturally on the fatty layer membranes around all cells. Adding these amazing proteins to our creams enhances their effectiveness even more.

Your unique individuality

We are all unique individuals, therefore we suggest you start by applying Immunacream very slowly. Less is often best to see the results you strive for. We’ve found that many people with a compromised immune system need to go way slower than others to achieve the results they’re looking for. Just use a “dab”.

Please remember, that our creams are not intended to “treat” anything. They can be applied lightly anywhere on the body. Many people apply the creams lightly in the lymphatic areas around their  neck, groin, breast area and armpits. You can apply wherever you chose to soften and moisturize. If you’re not sure what cream to start with, we suggest you start with our Original or Rose formulas. The Rose has added oils, herbs & nutrients and is nut-free for those with nut sensitivities.

Natural immune boosting Vitamin D

Many scientific studies have shown Vitamin D to be a vital part of our immune system. While we don’t want to damage or dry out our skin, don’t cover up too much for it’s important to have safe, adequate levels of vitamin D. Get plenty of sunshine in the early and late part of the day. Be sure not to burn. A few minutes in the middle of the day in summer, or longer in winter is great to boost that AMAZING Vitamin D!

Shelf life.

In regards to how long our creams last, it’s more of an “oxidation” problem with oils going bad rather than proteins themselves. We’ve had customers tell us that they are still benefiting from their jars that have been open for over 3 years. However, we put on our jars that they need to be disposed of 6 months from opening. We want to reassure you, that if you end up using them longer, they will not harm you in any way. It’s just a “labeling” thing. We have had people using their cream that has been in their freezer for over 3 years. You will find both an inner liner cap seal, as well as a safety seal on the outside of our jars. This assures you that there was no tampering with the product between the filling of the containers and shipping to you. We take pride in the quality & safety of our products.

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