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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

The majority of our customers enjoy using the skincreams because of the exceptional quality and the benefits to the skin.  However, an unintended side effect that should be noted is the potential to ameliorate the immune response.    The biggest issue is around those who have coinfection type ailments, such as Lyme disease and CFS, where the use of the cream corresponds with the allusive awakening of the immune system.  An active immune system will seek out and destroy pathogens, leaving a trail of toxic debris that needs to be carefully managed.  This is often called 'the herx', short for Herxheimer Jarisch effect.  People who suffer with Lyme can have bacteria residing in the brain.  These have very toxic outer surface proteins (ospA) which are released when the bacteria die, creating migraine type headaches and joint pain.  It is for this reason that we do not recommend that people with Lyme and coinfections use our products, but if they wish to benefit from the amazing skin care range, then they should follow the protocol of starting with small amounts and building up the tolerance.  A good detox protocol should be in place from the outset.

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