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50ml Frank DD

50ml Frank DD

This is our new and improved version of our popular Frankincense massage cream, with integral D3 and K2 giving intense focus to the the immune supporting proteins. The multi-action formula is deeply penetrating, to allow for an appropriate immune response to occur where it is needed. The addition of interlocked vitamin D3 gives the immune supporting protein the flexibility to immediately become bioavailable to the body. K2 is added for homeostasis and balance.


First time users who may have underlying infections should test for sensitivity before using daily. Ask others in the facebook group about 'herx' as we are unable to discuss health issues on a website.  Microimmunotherapy offers a therapeutic approach that is not simply based on relieving symptoms but also acts on causes. The immune support offered by this enhanced massage cream may aid in modulating an impaired immune system. This explains why these naturally occurring, highly conserved molecules maybe applied as both a preventative and to treat symptoms.

Aqua, sweet almond oil (prunus amygdalis dulcis), essential oils of frankincense sacra and carterii, extracts of frankincense, emulsifying wax NF, fractionated coconut oil (cocos nucifera), borax, medium chain triglycerides, glycoprotein with menaquinone MK7 (Vitamin K2, 10ucg per ml), DL-Alpha tocopherol and cholecalciferol. Equivalent to 1,666 IU of vitamin D per ml 

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